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System Finish

The edges of the roof that are not involved in the installation of the General SOLAR PV waterproof photovoltaic system are finished with HALLEY SOLAR.

Halley SOLAR is a self-adhesive grained membrane with an excellent ability to adapt to cold temperatures and can be applied without torching.
Available in various colours - slate, ceramic grit, basalt - and thicknesses to suit the specific needs of each application environment and allow for an installation of the system that is consistent with the architectural design of the entire building.

The CUT FIRE system prevents problems related to fire on the roof triggered by external phenomena (e.g. burning embers from fires in nearby buildings) and in any case for all circumstances that require a specific Certification in accordance with applicable regulations.
The System maintains its protection capacity unaltered over time, with no decay due to washouts or a loss of properties.

Halley Solar CUT FIRE finishing

Finished roof, green colour