Il Sistema fotovoltaico

The Photovoltaic System

The General SOLAR PV photovoltaic system uses the technology of thin-film triple-junction amorphous silicon solar cells, an innovative choice compared to traditional mono and polycrystalline silicon systems.
Thin-film Amorphous Silicon is the technology of the future, given its fields of application and performance. In this technology, the blue, green and red components of the solar spectrum are absorbed in different layers of the cell (see image to the side).
Thanks to these layers, the cells produce energy even with indirect solar radiation, with diffused light and low solar irradiation levels. This is the solution for a higher yield (kWh per kWp installed) of the system, which operates in any weather condition. The photovoltaic cells are light, but above all they are flexible.
The ideal product to adapt to the design of any roof, together with General Membrane's Phoenix Solar waterproofing polymer bitumen membranes.