Il Sistema Impermabile

The Waterproof System

Our motto is "We stop Water and Capture the Sun". Indeed General SOLAR PV is a waterproof system that exclusively uses Phoenix Solar waterproofing membranes with a 20-year warranty and made with special top-quality polymer modifiers capable of resisting wear and high operating temperatures over time.
The system is fastened to the roof by mechanically fastening the intermediate layers and thanks to the fully-bonded installation of the waterproofing membranes in order to guarantee high resistance to wind-uplift over time. The envisaged thermal insulators are designed to guarantee technical features that are suitable for this type of application. In the waterproof system it is also possible to insert CUT FIRE, an active protection against external fire that prevents the problem of fires ignited on roofs by external phenomena.
A free and exclusive service for professionals. General Membrane's Technical Photovoltaic Department examines the system of the specific roof - this is specified in detailed Supply and Installation Specifications - for the needs of each individual project: new roof, re-roofing, hot roof, cold roof, asbestos fibre-cement remediation and this also allows meeting energy-saving needs in accordance with current standards.

General Solar PV: Perfetta integrazione architettonica

Flat roof
perfectly integrated photovoltaic waterproofing system on a flat roof with thermal insulation.

Impianto fotovoltaico parzialmente integrato

Pitched roof, new roof or asbestos fibre-cement roof remediation